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What is an apprenticeship?

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One of the options open to you after the age of 16 is to train through an Apprenticeship. This is a way of acquiring the skills needed for a number of careers while earning money at the same time.

An apprenticeship will often suit young people who do not want to go into full-time further or higher education, but still want to gain extra qualifications that are work related.

The type of Apprenticeship you can follow will depend on what is available locally. You can follow an intermediate (entry level), advanced (senior level) or a higher (management level) apprenticeship. Entry level apprenticeships usually take a year to complete. For an entry level apprenticeship, you may need some GCSEs at grades A-C. For an advanced apprenticeship, you will normally need five GCSEs.

You can find lots of information about apprenticeships in the Work, money and living section of Young Merton. The Government's website has a comprehensive guide to apprenticeships and you can also search for a vacancy.

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