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Participation Promise

Merton Children's Trust is keen to increase the participation of children and young people in the design and delivery of children's services, as well as developing ways to enable school councils and the youth parliament to link with, and impact upon, the adult democratic process.

Through a number of children and young people's groups a 'Participation Promise' has been developed and published in poster and leaflet format and distributed to Children's Trust partners and the whole of Merton council. The key elements of the promise are to enable children and young people to

  • be listened to,
  • take responsibility,
  • be involved in making choices and decisions,
  • be involved in how we spend money for children’s services.

The leaflets and posters will be displayed in order to

  • Remind us about our responsibility to help children and young people to understand the services that work with them, and to give them a voice in shaping developments.
  • Show children and young people what they can expect.
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