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I'm thinking about suicide

Thinking about suicide means that you are thinking about taking your own life, or having thoughts like ‘people would be better off without me’, or ‘I don’t see the point of living anymore’.

Thinking about suicide is dangerous and a sign that you urgently need help. If you are having these thoughts, or know someone who is, get help as soon as possible. 

How to get emergency help

If you’ve reached the point that you think there is no other way out, call these numbers to talk to someone who can help:

0800 068 41 41  Papyrus supports young people who are feeling suicidal.

You can also text (07786 209697) or email them (

Open: Weekdays 10am-10pm, Weekends 2pm-10pm, Bank holidays 2pm-5pm.

116 123  Samaritans' 24 hour helpline to talk things through.

If you don’t feel that you can keep yourself safe right now, go to your nearest A&E or call 999 to ask for an ambulance.

Talk to someone you know and trust

This could be a friend, parent, family member, teacher or someone close to you. Sometimes just talking about your problem makes you feel better. A trusted person can also help you to find more support, if that is something you would like to do.

The Young Minds website has some great tips to help you talk to someone you trust.

Get professional support

Talk to someone at school or to your GP about making a referral to Merton's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).  You will get an appointment to talk to a professional about your thoughts and feelings, and work with them to find the right support for you.

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