Parenting guides from the NSPCC

A series of guides to help parents with parenting

See the downloads area on this page to download a guide. The booklets are also useful resources for any service or professional offering parenting advice to those caring for children of all ages.

Encouraging better behaviour

This guide helps parents to understand why children sometimes misbehave and explains how they can develop good relationships with their children through positive parenting. The guide is packed with positive discipline tips relevant to babies, toddlers, young children and teenagers.

Keeping your cool 

Advice for parents on managing stress and anger. This guide helps parents to recognise stress and anger points and find new ways of coping with them, thinking more carefully about their children’s feelings. Using real-life examples and situations, the guide describes the triggers that can cause parents to resort to shouting, harsh discipline or severe punishment. It explains the positive choices they can make to help them to control their anger, and influence children’s behaviour without creating bad feelings.

Listening to children

Communication is crucial to children's development and wellbeing. This guide gives practical advice to parents on listening to their children throughout their growth and development, enabling them to better understand their child's needs and to protect them from harm.

All babies count

Advice and tips for new parents on bonding with your baby, crying, difficult behaviour and what to do if you can't cope


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Page last reviewed: 09/07/2017

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