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Personal Assistant

  • For a female
  • Requires help with: Support with Activities; Personal Hygiene; Personal Care
  • Ideally speaks: Other; English
Job description


 Support client with ALL Personal Care
 Take Client to Day Service by public transport in Brixton
 Stay with Client on site for the duration of the Service
 Encourage/Motivate Client to participate in activities at the centre
 Accompany Client back home
 Assist with Personal Care and bedtime routine
 Accompany Client to the gym/sauna in Wimbledon when centre is shut
 Take part in ALL activities at the gym/sauna
 Support Client on public transport and community in general
 Maintain her Health & Safety and ensure she’s safe whilst in your care
 Support client within her home environment and keep her safe from harm and danger
 Provide regular updates to Client’s parent on any issues/challenges encountered whilst client is in your
 Undertake all tasks discussed as discussed with client’s parent to ensure client’s well-being is maximised
All these tasks should be focused on:
 Ensuring that the Client’s Health & Well-Being and Safety are at the forefront always

 Common Sense, Enthusiasm and Tenacity
 Fun-loving person with good disposition and attributes
 Ability to work on own initiative and support Client in the community
 Ability to Motivate and Encourage people
 Excellent communication skills
 Able to PARTICIPATE in PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, such as jogging, gym, cycling sauna etc,
 Non-judgmental
 Ability to work well under pressure
 Ability to accept a significant level of responsibility
 Good command of the English language


About the job

Salary / Hourly Rates

Rate Type Notes

£5 allowance for meals when on Outreach Duty in the community.

Days & Times

When is the PA needed?
When is the PA needed?
Morning Afternoon Evening Overnight Start time End time
Tuesday All Day 10am - 8pm

About the client

Client gender:
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