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Food Workstation

Product Information


Food Workstation

The Food Workstation is very versatile and very practical when it comes to food preparation.

The clamps can grip all sorts of food, bowls, jars or bottles.

The Food Workstation’s stainless steel spikes hold bread, fruit or vegetables in place for peeling or slicing.

The unique and innovative vegetable scrubbing brush allows for one handed cleaning of fruit and vegetables.

The grater and slicing box can be mounted on the Food Workstation’s board.

High corner guards prevent the bread from slipping when being buttered.

The Food Workstation utilises four suction cups to prevent the board from moving.

Care and Use

  • Take care when rinsing the board due to the stainless steel spikes.
  • Always make sure the suction cups are clean and are firmly in place to prevent slippage.


Length : 500mm (20″) 

Width  : 300mm (12″)

Height : 35mm (1.5″)

Overall height : 145mm (5.75″)

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