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Easi-Grip ® Kitchen Tools

Product Information


Easi-Grip ® Kitchen Tools

These Easi-Grip ® Lightweight kitchen tools with non-slip, contoured handles in a soft-touch finish.

The handles are suitable for use in either hand and are ergonomically designed to allow the hand and wrist to take a stress-free position.

This means when cutting or grating minimum effort is required.

The Kitchen Tools contain:
  • Easi-Grip ® Bread Knife
  • Easi-Grip ® Carving Knife
  • Easi-Grip ® Grater
  • Easi-Grip ® General Purpose Knife

Stainless steel blade.

Dishwasher safe.

Product Code Product Overall Length Width Height Weight
M78147 Easi-Grip General Purpose Knife 210mm (8.25") N/A 140mm (5.5") 122g (4.25oz)
G87909 Easi-Grip Bread Knife 265mm (10") N/A N/A 129g (4.5oz)
G87923 Easi-Grip Carving Knife 240mm (9") N/A N/A 131g (4.5oz)
G87959 Easi-Grip Grater 180mm (7") 60mm (2") N/A 127g (4.5oz)



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