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What are day nurseries and preschools?

Preschools and day nurseries provide childcare and early education for children aged under 5 in a group setting where they can play and learn alongside other young children. Day nurseries and preschools which run for more that 2 hours per day must be registered with…

What is a childminder?

A childminder is someone who will care for your child in their home.  In England, a person who cares for children aged under 8 for more than 2 hours a day in their own home for reward must be registered as a childminder with the…

What is a SENCo?

A SENCo, or Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, is the member of teaching staff who is responsible for assessing, planning and monitoring the progress of children with Special Educational Needs in Early Years settings (under 5’s), schools and colleges. The SENCo is there to help children…
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