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The Training & Recruitment Partnership Ltd

TRP is a multi-vocational provider delivering Traineeships, Apprenticeships and privately funded training with learners working and training mainly within the following areas:

  • Accounts
  • Business Administration
  • Childcare
  • Call Centre Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Fenestration
  • Health & Safety
  • Information Advice and Guidance
  • Learning Development Support Services for Young People
  • Maintenance, Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Plumbing
  • Site Supervision & Management
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Wood Occupations

Who to contact

Contact Name
David Dodd
Contact Position
Learner Recruitment Manager
020 8640 6662
TRP website


Worsfold House
Church Road

Detailed Local Offer

1. About our service

TRP is a multi-vocational provider delivering Traineeships, Apprenticeships and privately funded training with learners working and training mainly within the following areas:

Accounts, Business Administration, Childcare, Call Centre Operations, Customer Service, Fenestration, Health & Safety, Information Advice and Guidance, Learning Development Support Services for Young People, Maintenance, Management, Manufacturing Operations, Motor Vehicle, Painting & Decorating, Plumbing, Site Supervision & Management, Teaching & Learning and Wood Occupations

2. What we can offer

The Training & Recruitment Partnership is a private company located in Mitcham, Surrey providing a universal service available to all.  We provide advanced apprenticeships, apprenticeships for young people and adults, whilst also delivering work based learning for adults, in south London, the south east of England and beyond. The bulk of the work is funded through the Skills Funding Agency, although a number of our learners are privately funded.

We have established our own supply chain, which enables us to provide a wide range of qualifications, giving us scope to deliver our services anywhere across the UK.

We value all of our customers and no matter what size, deliver the highest possible standard of learning. 

TRP aims to be a leading provider of quality training, advice and support to the local community through:

  • Implementing national vocational training standards
  • Providing up to date training information
  • Delivering high quality recruitment and training services
  • Matching the training needs of the local community to the training requirements of the business community.
  • Ensuring that equality of opportunity underpins our service to the community.

One of the Training & Recruitment Partnership’s business objectives is to provide effective customer support to both learners and employers.  This is achieved by implementing good working practice through quality procedures and policies.

TRP are Apprenticeship Ambassadors.  This means we have fully trained staff to offer impartial Quality Assured information on Apprenticeships, providing information to Schools, 6th Form, Job Centre Plus, Careers advisors and support careers events.   

To be members of the Apprenticeship Information Ambassador Network we need to ensure that all information given is up to date and appropriate to the audience whether it be young people, careers advisors/teachers/parents and guardians or young people who are unemployed seeking Apprenticeship opportunities and their advisors.

3. How to access our service and find out if it's suitable

The Training & Recruitment Partnership Limited has a flexible recruitment process which meets the needs of the learner.

An application form is used to assess the level and motivation of the learner.  If this is a difficulty we arrange 1-2-1 appointments with one of our team of “Recruitment & Training Consultants” to identify the most appropriate route forward for the learner.

We work in a building with step free access and adapted conveniences.

Any learner over the age of 16 is eligible.  However, our priority Groups are those aged 16-18 year old and those aged 19-24 years (and young people with learning difficulty assessments up to academic age 25). However, we endeavour to offer impartial advice and guidance to all younger learners (under 16) if appropriate. 

We are always happy for learners to be accompanied by a parent/guardian or carer.

Our services are accessed through a variety of routes, including; word of mouth, self-referral, JCP or with a number of community partners, including;

Local Authorities

  • Schools
  • Learning Support Service
  • Sensory Impairment Service
  • Speech Language Communication Service
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Service
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Youth Offending Service
  • Special Educational Needs Team
  • Social Care
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Housing Associations

Additional referrals come for the Business Community including local Chambers of Commerce and the National Apprenticeship Service.  Many learners self-refer due to our excellent reputation and via self-marketing including our website (

Our current success rates are in excess of 90%.

The Training & Recruitment Partnership Limited is an active partner in the Merton Economic Well-Being Group and currently leading a sub-group to identify pathways to employment for those furthest from the labour market.

We pride ourselves on being a private company with a social conscience.

4. Adjustments we can make for disabilities or special educational needs

The Training & Recruitment Partnership Limited offers a bespoke service for all our potential learners.

We try to make our service as accessible as possible to all individuals.

We can conduct telephone interviews, face-to-face, accompanied or unaccompanied visits.

Although we do not possess specialist equipment we can work with JCP to access any local support available.

All of our staff receive appropriate safeguarding training.

5. Specialist support available from our staff or external providers

All staff receive appropriate safeguarding training. Staff have received Dyslexia awareness training and equal opportunities training.

 Our Executive Director is;

  • A member of Disability Partnership Board (LB Sutton – over 10 years of experience)
  • A member of the LB Sutton Transition Board (over 10 years)
  • A member of the Sutton Physical and sensory impairment Board and
  • A member of the Sutton Parents Forum Steering Group for Children with Disabilities

In addition we have excellent links with Job Centres across South London.

6. What a young person will gain from our service

Any young person accessing our service will receive independent, impartial advice.

We will design a bespoke programme using current resources, traineeships and/or apprenticeships.

The traineeship provides an opportunity of work experience which we aim to link to a real current vacancy.

Traineeships provide a guaranteed reference and interview for any vacancy.

The Traineeship programme aims to support long term personal development.

If the young person moves into an Apprenticeship they will be working towards a National Vocational Qualification

7. What we need to know before deciding if our service is suitable for you

Advice on any support that may be required is, of course, helpful.  We work closely with leaners and employers.  When learners commence learning with TRP we advise the learner and staff on appropriate strategies and resources to achieve their learning aims and objectives..

Initial discussions concerning the needs of a learner will be with the Assessor Their role is to monitor the progress of the learner and liaise with key staff about interventions needed. 

The Director is responsibility for progress of learners and deals with concerns which cannot be dealt with by the assessor and need escalation.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead,/Equalities Lead and the General Manager will provide further advice as and when required.

The initial assessment is the starting point for any learner.  Which provides a baseline for the training programme.

This is supported by;

  • Ongoing monitoring by all assessors of rates of progress and identifying learners not making progress
  • Use of the London Borough of Sutton’s/Merton’s Graduated Support for Special Educational Needs to determine the type and severity of need
  • Regular review meetings alongside other contact to track progress towards outcomes and evaluate interventions
  • Additional support provided via additional resources after discussions with key staff, learners and where relevant, external agency
  • Additional support may be documented by an Individual Learning Plan

If appropriate we will provide external support for learners continuing to experience significant difficulty through an application for Education Health and Care Plan assessment

8. How we can contribute to EHC Plans, or other plans for a young person's future?

Yes, If appropriate we will provide external support for learners continuing to experience significant difficulty through an application for Education Health and Care Plan assessment

9. Other things to think about when considering our service

If the Training & Recruitment Partnership Limited does not feel we are the appropriate organisation to support an individual we will signpost to an appropriate partner

10. Reviewing progress

We will communicate with the learner using the methodology that suits their own individual needs.

We value our face to face interaction with our learners and they know we are only a telephone call away if needed.

  • Getting learner’s views on their needs
  • Individual short term 1:1 sessions to meet identified goals
  • Encouraging independence and positive self-esteem
  • 1:1 support in identified areas
  • Feeding back learner’ views to the SFA, NAS and Awarding bodies

 We ensure Young People fill supported through;

  • Strong ethos of pastoral care
  • Mentoring activities by adult/peer
  • Groups to develop Social skills and/enhance self-esteem
  • Access to specialist support e.g. CAMHS,  Speech, Language and Communication,  Behaviour Management
  • Shared target setting
  • Anti-Bullying Policy and procedures – focus on vulnerable groups
  • Preparation for employment/further Education

Support is provided to parents through our extensive Ambassador work. Parents are able to attend any initial assessments or 1-2-1 sessions to ask any questions they may have or issues they feel need to be resolved

11. Who to contact for more information

Our Learner Recruitment Manager is David Dodd.

Worsfold House
Church Road
020 8640 6662

Last updated: 13/02/2019
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