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Contraception and Sexual Health Service - CaSH

Contraception and Sexual Health (CaSH) is an open access service for young people (YP) and adults ages 13-100. The service offers advice and access to contraceptive methods to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Within the service is the sexual health outreach service or Check it Out (CIO) as it is commonly known. This service is targeted for young people aged 13-19 who may be vulnerable, or experimenting with substances such as alcohol which may increase the risk of unintended teenage pregnancy. The team offer 1-to-1 work as well as group and clinical sessions.

Advice on sex and the law and relationships underpins the work the Check it Out team do.

Previously provided by Sutton and Merton Community Services, part of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

From April 2016, community health services in Merton are being delivered by Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Who to contact

020 8544 6140


Please see detailed Local Offer for details of venues

Local Offer


Detailed Local Offer information from Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust will be updated as soon as it becomes available

Contact Name
Contraception and Sexual Health Service
Contact Telephone
0208 5446140

Detailed Local Offer

1. Aims of the service
  • Our team of doctors nurses, outreach workers and care health assistants work across Merton (and Sutton) to share their knowledge about contraception and sexual health. The CIO team can deliver individualised or group work,1:1 sessions/information to  YP needing support
  • Within CaSH and CIO we acknowledge that young people with SEND also require support and advice around their sexual health and preventing unintended pregnancy. All Doctors and Nursing staff are trained to assess YP and ensure they are Fraser competent. Our service is confidential but we adhere to local safeguarding policies.
  • We are happy to see a YP with parents or support workers if this is what they   request. With the YP consent we are also happy to involve parents in supporting them to make safe and positive contraceptive choices.
  • Staff will discuss consent, delaying early sexual activity,  confidentiality and legal issues with YP attending our clinics.
  • We aim to give young people the information and guidance to enjoy happy and healthy sexual relationships. The CIO team can also offer additional support where necessary for ongoing work.
2. Location and delivery

In Merton CaSH  and CIO  is delivered by SMCS in health clinics:

  • Patrick Doody Clinic (Wimbledon)
  • Wideway Clinic (Pollards Hill)
  • Where young people are vulnerable or at schools request the service is offered in education settings, youth settings, children centres, or with outreach youth teams.
  • Clinics offer a combination of appointment or drop in visits.
3. Who the service is for
  • CaSH services operate an open access policy. Clients do not need to be locally resident or be registered with a GP to seek contraceptive advice.  
  • Numbers are not generally limited at drop in clinics but clients will be advised on arrival if the clinic is unusually busy and a long wait is anticipated.
  •  They then have the opportunity to return another day if it is appropriate to do so. 
  • We see and adults young people aged 13 and over who are assessed to be Fraser competent
  • CIO can offer some individual sessions for slightly younger vulnerable YP
4. Accessibility
  • Clinics are accessible to wheelchairs / buggies except for Patrick Doody Clinic, where the clinic is upstairs and there is no lift. We do have a consultation room downstairs which can possibly be made available if necessary although if we are aware a YP has accessibility problems we would not routinely advise them to attend that clinic, and would offer alternatives.
  • We book and use interpreters for languages other than English (including British Sign Language)
5. Opening times and availability
  • The CaSH service offers a combination of appointment and drop in clinics
  • Opening hours at Patrick Doody are Mon,Wed & Thurs (YP preference) 13.30-19.30 and Tuesday 0800-16.00.
  • There is also a nurse led clinic on Saturday mornings 10.00-12.00
  •  Wideway is open on Mondays 15.00-1900hrs.
  • CIO also offer a YP only clinic at Wideway on Thursdays 15.45-17.00hrs
  • Clinics are open every day except bank holidays
  • CIO can offer tailored programmes of ongoing support on a referral basis and cases are allocated according to priority of need.
6. How to start using the service
  • CaSH is a is a universal open access service, We also accept self referrals for appointment clinics.
  • CIO offer a variety of open access clinics and also accept referrals for ongoing support, group and 1:1 sessions
  • Anyone can refer into CIO. Please ensure you have the consent of the YP being referred. Parental consent is not required providing that YP is Fraser competent.
  • CIO will contact the YP and the person who made the referral. Feedback may be limited due to the confidential nature of the service.
7. Measuring our performance

We have to report to our commissioners and provide information on pre-determined Key Performance Indicators( KPI’s)

This occurs on a quarterly basis ensuring we are regularly monitoring whether our service is being delivered in a way which effectively meets the needs of our local population.

We request both formal and informal feedback from our client population and welcome suggestions and ideas for improvement

8. Quality assurance

All CaSH staff receives regular clinical and safeguarding supervision.

There is formal and informal monitoring of the services offered. Every nurse is responsible to a Team Leader who performs 6-8 weekly 1:1 sessions and annual appraisals. This includes monitoring of records and auditing of notes. They also offer support and advice. Other specialist members of the team can be used for second opinions and clinical support.

Peer assessment is also used to ensure competency and a high level of care is maintained

In order to practise all nurses are required to register annually with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

All staff work to clinical standards derived from guidance from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, UK medical eligibility for contraceptive use (UKMEC) and also comply with all the clinical policies and procedures set out by the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

9. How we capture and use information to improve our service

We carry out service evaluations and patient satisfaction surveys at least once a year to make sure clients are happy with the service we are offering.  We report the results of these surveys to the clinical commissioning groups who commission and fund our service.

CIO also ask for feedback following individual and group sessions.

10. Staffing

The CaSH service consists of a Consultant, specialist registrar Dr’s, a service manager, team leader, nurses, an associate practitioner and health care assistant.

The team is also supported by a robust administration and clerical team.

The CIO team has a team leader, 2 nurses and 2 outreach workers. The team work across Merton and Sutton so not all team members will work exclusively in Merton

All Dr’s have specialist contraceptive and sexual health training knowledge and experience  All nurses have additional qualifications in contraception and many perform extended roles within the service

There are Team leaders responsible for the day-to-day running of the clinical teams, and a Professional Lead who oversees the clinical competencies and standards.

11. Staff training

All Staff are required to undergo regular safeguarding training, and annual mandatory training included basic paediatric life support.

Some staff have more experience working with YP who have SENDs .

Members of the CIO and some of CaSH team have undertaken additional training to enable them to develop knowledge and skills to deliver effective sex and relationship training and can help and advice other members of the team. deliver effective  gain

12. Staff qualifications (minimum)

All Drs must hold current registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) and undergo reaccreditation of skills and competencies according to local policy.

Nurses must all hold current Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration and have additional qualifications in contraception. Mandatory training must be maintained by all staff.

13. Quality assurance standards and membership of regulatory bodies

The service is registered with the Care Quality Commission as part of the Royal Marsden Foundation Trust.

14. Paying for the service

As the Service is provided by the NHS, it is free at the point of delivery.

15. Who to contact for further information

Contraception and Sexual Health Service,
Green Wrythe Lane Clinic,
Green Wrythe Lane,

0208 5446140

Last updated: 02/11/2021
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