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Merton Employment Team

Information about the provision for people with SEN and disabilities offered by this employment service for Merton Adults assessed by London Borough of Merton to have a learning disability qualifying for specialist services.

Who to contact

020 8274 5735

Detailed Local Offer

1. Aims of the service

We work with adults with Learning Disabilities of working age.

2. Location and delivery

We are based in Merton Civic Centre, but the service supports customers into work both in Merton and within a realistic radius. We also run a weekly Job Club in South Wimbledon.

3. Who the service is for

Merton adults with a learning disability that wish to find paid work. For those living outside of London Borough of Merton we would signpost to local services provided by their own local authority.

4. Accessibility

Accessible to adults

5. Opening times and availability

The service runs within normal council office hours, Monday to Friday, though occasional out of office hours support to interviews and workplace visits etc. may be arranged as required. The service is year round and available through school holidays etc.

6. How to start using the service

If already known to Merton Adult Services then a direct referral to our team is fine.  However, if the individual has not previously been assessed for services then this would need to be carried out before we can work with the individual.

7. Measuring our performance

We have an annual target for the number of customers placed into paid work. Once placed in work we keep in touch and offer low level support where appropriate.

8. Quality assurance

We welcome feedback from our customers and their families/support networks

9. How we capture and use information to improve our service

We monitor the age, gender and ethnicity of our customers, to make sure we are reaching the widest number of eligible groups within the borough.

14. Paying for the service

Funded by London Borough of Merton

15. Who to contact for further information

Merton Employment Team

Telephone:- 0208 274 5735


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