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Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk is a unique progressive educational movement for children and young people both girls and boys - designed to develop self-confidence and activity in society, with the aim of building a world based on equality, peace, social justice and co-operation. The junior section caters for children from 6-9 years. There are also groups for ages 10-12 and 13-15 and an older group up to age 21. The groups are mixed, semi-uniformed, and arrange various activities such as camping, hiking, socialising, plus traditional activities including craftwork and games. Under sixes are known as Woodchips. Six to nine year olds are known as Elfins. Ten to twelve year olds are Pioneers. Thirteen to fifteen year olds are Venturers. Older teenagers and young adults are known as DFs - District Fellows.

Who to contact

Woodcraft Folk

The London region has 28 districts.  Check website for Mitcham and New Malden groups.

Last updated: 20/02/2019
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