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Educational Psychology Service - Information for Young People

Who are Educational Psychologists?

Educational Psychologists (EPs) are applied psychologists who are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and have a background in education.  We work in schools, colleges and sometimes in your home.

Sometimes a Trainee Educational Psychologist will work with you.  They are supervised by an experienced Educational Psychologist.

What do Educational Psychologists do?

We use our training and experience to help children and young people with special educational needs to get the best out of their education.

EPs and Trainee Educational Psychologists work with children and young people up to the age of 19 years, upon gaining consent from parents/carers.

We also work with young people up to the age of 25.  After your 18th birthday we will talk directly to you, although your parents/carers and teachers can still ask us to help you, with your permission.

How to Educational Psychologists do this?

We ask the people who know you best to tell us about you.  This may include your parents, your teachers and your lecturers.

We will also ask you to tell us about any problems you might be having with your education and learning. We will ask you how we and your school or college can best help you. We may come to see you in school, in college or at home.

It is helpful for us if you can show us any previous reports or information that you might have.  This might include school reports, medical reports and speech and language therapy reports among others.

What happens after we have been to see you?

We will give you feedback on how you are getting on and what help you might need to get the best out of your education.

We respect your confidentiality and we will ask you permission before sharing any of your private information with anyone, unless we think you are in danger or unsafe, in which case we will tell you what we need to do next.

You may find it useful to show our report to your parents/carers, teachers or lecturers in order to get the help that you need.

We can help with telling your school or college directly, on your behalf, what you might need to help you to get the best out of your education. We can also tell your parents/carers what it is you need if you ask us to.

If there is anything in a report that you do not understand or are not happy with, please talk to your Educational Psychologist about this. The Educational Psychology Service telephone number is at the top of every letter or report we write. 

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

To access our service, you must be referred to us. You can ask your teachers, your lecturers or your parents to do this for you if you wish.

If this is difficult for any reason, we can be contacted at:

Merton Educational Psychology Service
12th Floor, Merton Civic Centre
Morden, SM4 5DX
Telephone:  020 8545 4820


Last updated: 03/11/2021
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