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Sutton & District Training

Information about provision for young people with SEN and disabilities offered by Sutton and District Training Limited (SDT). SDT provides flexible training which develops the skills and confidence of adults and young people. We are an organisation which offers an inclusive holistic package in a safe and secure environment.

Who to contact

020 8687 5225
Sutton & District Training Website


240-244 High Street

Local Offer


Sutton and District Training Limited (SDT) provides study programmes for learners aged 16 to 18 through vocational qualifications in health and social care, construction, hairdressing, information and communication technology (ICT) and sales and marketing, alongside functional skills. It also offers also offers Traineeships & Apprenticeships

Sutton & District Training Limited is also an Ofsted registered Independent Learning Provider for 16-19 year olds 



Contact Name
Heidi Harper
Contact Telephone
020 8687 5225
Contact Email
Sutton and District Ofsted Report (16-19)

Detailed Local Offer

1. About our service

Sutton & District Training Limited offer a Study Programme consisting of the following courses:-

Hairdressing, Construction & Health and Social Care.

We also offer Traineeships & Apprenticeships.

2. What we can offer

Sutton & District Training Limited are not a specialist service for people with SEN disabilities, but we try to accommodate on all our courses full-time & part-time.


3. How to access our service and find out if it's suitable

Access is gained via application, profile of attendees and eligibility criteria.

4. Adjustments we can make for disabilities or special educational needs

Interviews face to face are usually required, supporters welcomed and flexible working. Not all offices have access but we have a specialist unit in North Cheam with specialist equipment.  

5. Specialist support available from our staff or external providers

Sutton & District Training Limited work closely with local authorities, schools, colleges and have a partnership with SCOLA.

6. What a young person will gain from our service

Qualifications, experience, quality work experience and apprenticeship placements, references, pathway to work, confidence and personal development

7. What we need to know before deciding if our service is suitable for you

Sutton & District Training Limited would require an EHC plan and background information on last school placement.

8. How we can contribute to EHC Plans, or other plans for a young person's future?

Sutton & District Training Limited would contribute to future transition and planning of the young person and help them move on.

9. Other things to think about when considering our service

Sutton & District Training Limited offer a wide range of social activities, including drama, camping and positive activity days

10. Reviewing progress

Sutton & District Training Limited have their own pastoral support staff who liaise with tutors, outside agencies at meetings and when required.

11. Who to contact for more information

Matt Stay, Heidi Harper, Kim Challis

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