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The Curly Hair Project

A support service for families and girls with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The curly hair project (CHP) aims to help women and girls with Asperger's Syndrome and their neurotypical loved ones to communicate and understand each other better.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Alis Rowe
Contact Position
Managing Director
The Curly Hair Project Website

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Local Offer


The Curly Hair Project provides support service for families and girls with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Detailed Local Offer

1. Aims of the service

Through our books and training workshops, we aim to help families understand and communicate with each other between. There is also a strongly utilised Facebook page which we recommend families follow.

2. Location and delivery

Online based but available to deliver workshops and talks in the whole of Merton, upon request

3. Who the service is for
  • Parents of children and young people with ASD and siblings
  • Individuals with ASD
  • Teachers, doctors and other professionals working with young people with ASD
4. Accessibility


5. Opening times and availability


6. How to start using the service

Visit  and

7. Measuring our performance
  • Measuring the number of Facebook fans
  • The number of book sales per month
  • We have been asked to deliver training all around the UK which we have started to do now that we have Associate Trainers in different regions
8. Quality assurance
  • Feedback surveys
  • User feedback
  • Reviews of books
9. How we capture and use information to improve our service

Facebook, website/blog, workshops

10. Staffing

Alis Rowe, Managing Director, is responsible for the service entirely, except in cases where there are Associate Trainers

11. Staff training

Alis Rowe, Managing Director,  is on the autistic spectrum herself. She has a 1st class chemistry degree and a masters degree. She has written and published books. World-leading Asperger's psychologist, Tony Attwood, recommends her books

12. Staff qualifications (minimum)
  • Must have experienced ASD either themselves or within their family
  • Must have been following/using the curly hair project materials for several months prior
13. Quality assurance standards and membership of regulatory bodies


14. Paying for the service

Self funded

15. Who to contact for further information

Alis Rowe

Last updated: 02/11/2021
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