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Returning to school in September 2020

September has arrived and we thought it would be useful for families who have children and young people with SEND to have some information around what to expect when going back to school.

Please find attached a joint ministerial letter which was sent out 21 July 2020 to all families who have children with an ECHP.  It gives a good insight into the:

  • importance of all pupils returning to school from September
  • governments guidance to help educational settings prepare for the full return of pupils; and
  • key concerns that have been shared with the government about all pupils returning to school. 

We have also included a link to the governments back to school safely campaign which details the governments campaign to reassure parents and students that schools and colleges are ready for their return in September.

Please find a link to the Governments guidance on ‘What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term’. This document gives practical advice for parents around topics such as:

  • Attendance
  • Arriving and leaving school
  • Mental Health
  • Education Health and Care Plans
  • And more 

For children and young people attending Merton schools the government guidance is being embedded to meet the individual school context. Schools SENCO’s are also in regular contact with parents of pupils with SEND to ensure that you understand what to expect for the school start in September for your individual child. If you have concerns about the September start we advise that you make contact with the school.  

We hope you have a good return to school in September.

Information Team

Early Years, Family Wellbeing and Early Help Service

London Borough of Merton

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