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Money and finances for Care Experienced Young People

Financial Support

As a Care Experienced Young Person, you may be eligible for the following financial support:

  • Up to £57.90 per week (the same as benefits) to cover food, clothes and travel if you are 16 or 17 and live in semi-independent accommodation.
  • £2,250 a year parental contribution (provided in instalments) if you are a University student.
  • Support to attend educational trips or activities (to be requested via Personal Advisor).
  • Contribution to equipment for work, training or education (to be requested via Personal Advisor).
  • Contribution to clothing for interviews or graduation (to be requested via Personal Advisor)
  • A £5 per week phone allowance if you are over 18.
  • A 'pocket money’ allowance of £10 per week if in custody.

Merton Council may also provide:

  • Up to £2,000 towards furnishing your accommodation (Setting Up Home Allowance (SUHA)).
  • Birthday allowance up to the age of 23 years old.

Merton Council may provide you with financial support to obtain the following:

  • Birth certificates
  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Citizenship papers
  • Travel documents


Claiming benefits can be daunting and stressful, so do speak to your Social Worker or Personal Advisor. We have a dedicated specialist and Job Centre liaison to ensure that you are maximising any benefits you are eligible to receive.

You can apply for You can apply for Universal Credit online. You can apply up to six weeks in advance of your 18th birthday to ensure that you receive your benefits on time. If you fail to apply, financial support will continue but reduce to £5 per day and turn into food vouchers after 2 weeks. If you receive Job Seeker’s Allowance, you will need to take reasonable steps to look for work as agreed with your work coach.

Workshops are available about applying for benefits, banking, saving and budgeting but reach out if you are having any difficulties.
Possible weekly budget on benefits:

  • Food £30
  • Clothes £7.50
  • Toiletries £4.00
  • Cleaning £2.50
  • Utilities £12.00
  • Water £2.88
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